Function range

Disallow pornographic web pages

Protect programs with a password Prevent system interventions

Time limit for the use of:
PC / Internet / programs

  • Click on "Add" inserts a new line with a default string you have to change
  • Input a term:
    (e.q."sex","porno"etc) and
    select the options for this term:
    1. Password query or
    2. Terminate program immediately or
    3. Give a time limit or
    4. If found in a browser-header surf to a harmless web site.

You also can import terms from a prefabricated list.
The setup contains 2 files to protect your system against pornographic web sites.

How does it work ?

Each Internet page has a title in the header (Internet Explorer, Netscape). To find web pages with search engines, the author of the page must use as many pornographic terms as possible in this header.

This is where Parents Friend comes in. It scans these headers for any sexually related words and acts upon them.

  • Execute the program, which must have your password set.
  • The running programs will all appear in the list.
  • Now double-click the relevant program name and it will be transfered to the list of programs to be protected.
  • Assign your password and / or options.


In this way you can protect programs and any adjustments that may be made to your settings.

How does it work ?

Each Windows program has a header (the line at the top of your explorer where you find the minimization, maximization and close buttons).

Parents Friend detects these lines and compares the text with those which are to be protected.

In a weekly calendar every half - hour
a) the PC will shut down.... or:

NEW in V 4.9:
b) the Internet connection can be terminated .....or
c) a protected program can be terminated.

NEW in V 4.9:
For the Internet and / or the PC , usage can be limited to a daily maximum time (in minutes).

NEW in V 5.2:
Various users can have their own time limit settings.

User administration

Arbitrarily many user profiles can be added. For every user above restrictions (time limits) can be adjusted. The users apply at the password window with user names and password.

NEW in V 5.7:
For every user you can prepare a list with programs which only exclusively may be started (bonus function).
When a program is not added in the user-specific list, it may not run.

Protocol on all activities

Registry adjustments


Protect Directories / Files

If you'd liked to find out, who and how someone constantly uses your PC in ways which you may not approve of, you switch the on the log.

You will receive information obout:

  • Executed programs
  • All keys pressed on the keyboard
  • Visited web pages in the Internet
  • A record of the buttons, which mouse buttons were clicked.

The log can even be sent as as E-Mail at adjustable time intervals quielty in the background , without informing the user!

The security can be increased even more:

In addition , with the Registry adjustments , certain system settings can be altered within Windows itself.

Some of the adjustments that can be made are:

  • Start / Execute
  • System control
  • Device manager
  • Network
  • Drives (for the Explorer)
  • CD selfstart

... and many more....


The selected directories will be compressed (inluding subdirectories) and encoded in a hidden file.


They remain in place , however cannot be either accessed for reading or writing to.

  • Save Settings on a Server. Changes on the server takes effects on the clients.
  • Protect Desktop, Startmenu, and browser startpage against changes.
  • Protect files against moving in the trash.
  • Copy killed files in a temporary folder (in the background).
  • Hide the taskbar
  • V 5.71: lock the desktop icons
  • V 5.72: Lock the registry autostart folder against new entries (pornodialer etc.)